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Satellite Operations as a Service

Our Purpose.

You want to use satellites in space to

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The Challenge.

The space sector is thriving. There are over 3,000 satellites in orbit today, which will increase to 10,000 by 2030 due to start-ups launching new services.


However, every satellite needs to be operated, regardless of application, size or orbit, where the following common challenges need to be addressed:


Operations require a ground segment to be integrated & tested prior to launch and continuously maintained thereafter. Automating the system is needed to achieve cost effectiveness but must be reliable. These represent not only upfront investments and risks but ongoing costs for your business. 


A critical mass of resources is needed for operations, where you need to continuously manage the fluctuations in load. This means the resources are underutilised at low numbers of satellites or when scaling up, which is an inefficient use of capital in your business. 


Licensing for launch, operations and spectrum allocation are required. Their application processes are easily underestimated and not having these in place risks fines or a halt to your programme.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Do what you do best and outsource the rest

Peter Drucker.

How will your satellite be operated reliably, safely and cost-effectively with the minimum amount of upfront investment? Are the operations core to your business?


Our Service.

The risks and challenges involved with satellite operations can however be outsourced, allowing you to focus on your core business. Orbital Wave provides “satellite operations as a service”, where from the moment the launcher injects the satellite into its target orbit until the satellite's end of life all aspects of your satellite operations are handled by us. Our service spans from in orbit technology demonstration to service grade missions and any number of satellites including large constellations.


The infrastructure, resources and support Orbital Wave provides are depicted in pink. Orbital Wave does not manufacture satellites, payloads, launchers, in-space transportation hardware or ground stations but partners with those that do. Our "satellite operations as a service" therefore acts as an integrated supply chain for your benefit, whilst ensuring you are not locked in to a single vendor for your space mission.


Why us?

We  handle all aspects of your satellite's operations, which offers the following benefits to you:

Better Investment

We swap your CAPEX for a predictable monthly OPEX. We invest, evolve and maintain our infrastructure so you do not have to.

Less Cost

We save up to 75% of your mission operations costs compared to an in-house solution. By achieving a higher utilisation of our resources and system we are able to offer you a lower price.


Faster Access

We reduce the time needed to onboard new satellites and scale-up operations because we have all the infrastructure and partnerships already in place. 

Smart Operations

We use machine learning to support health monitoring and early fault detection, enabling effective asset management of your satellite constellation or fleet. 

Higher Reliability 

Our operators are trained on a simulator of your satellite and mission in order to prepare for actual operations. Plus, our test & validation environment allows us to thoroughly test innovation safely before deploying operationally. 


You can focus on your core business, which is delivering the downstream services or products to your target market. The satellite operations are simply a utility you can outsource to us.


About Us.

We want to see the NewSpace revolution happen, where your space missions make a difference to humanity, commerce and our environment.


We believe the current rapid growth of the sector will only continue if a new supply chain improves the economic viability of space and so Orbital Wave was born. Our start-up was founded in 2020 with the necessary mindset, engineering approach and skillset to continue the disruption in this new space world.


Building a business that enables new ventures to succeed, facilitates the next generation of services from space and helps make a difference to people’s lives, is what gets us out of bed.


The Founders.

With over 30 years of combined experience and industry knowledge of the space sector, we started Orbital Wave to help NewSpace be a long-term success. 

Antonio Rodenas



Antonio has been involved in different aspects of the space ecosystem from payload design, ground & onboard systems, to astronaut training by working for ESA, industry and e-commerce. He is passionate about the emerging NewSpace sector and how to make it a reality.

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Emma Hatton



Emma’s space experience has been gained across the sectors of government, ESA, academia and industry. Emma brings a strong understanding of the payload data ground segment to the team.  One of her main work interests is in ensuring data flows through systems seamlessly and that the systems can handle the data. 

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Roberto Travaglini

roberto pic.jpg

Chief Engineer

Roberto is a modelling and simulation expert who contributed to satellite missions spanning cubesats, ELSA-d, Sentinel-2 & 3, Solar Orbiter and Heinrich Hertz. One of his main goals is to make space more accessible through the use of intelligent software.

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Lowering the barriers for

services from space


Satellite Operations as a Service

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